Don’t Let Go!

Don’t Let Go!

Brothers and sisters life experiences has taught me that the past cannot be changed, so we must appreciate it but live in the now. Life does not go backward, but forward, never burn the bridges you have crossed. We are allowed to visit the past, so do it if you must, but it must be because you want to learn important lessons and to move forward, don’t linger or dwell there. All of lifes experiences, whether good or bad teach us lessons, and they leave important landmarks to look back on and remember. The ones most of us seems to hang on to are the positive, uplifting ones, though those gives us encoutagement, tells us we have done it before, so we can do it again. For some it is the mistakes, failures, and disapointments that feeds our passion, and lifts us to higher planes, they teach us hard lessons, and develop our character.

I have learned that I should never let people’s opinions of me define my reality. It must be what I do or say that defines me. Too often we see people becomes depressed, and give up because of a silly comment, a shielded comment or put down. An old Scriptural uplifting message, is “the race is never for the swift nor the battle for the strong, but he who endures.” No great man or woman has ever made it through life without, or free of hard experiences. Their true mantle is shown, when they, though faced with hardships and disappointments, made their own way.

That every man/woman’s Journey toward a goal in life but with different experiences. Yes my friends, we are all on the same path, the same race, but with differing results. Our results are shaped by the experiences we faced, tragedies or successes, and they have the power to distract us, take our eyes off the goal, the important price and land in a place we never planned or intended to be.

 I have learned that things always get better with time, but only if we are patient and prepare to wait. I am old enough, many of us has many moons behind us, and we know, “Rome wasn’t built is a day!”.

That the judgements we pass on others are a confession and testament of our character, say good things about people. Those who live in the power of Christ love, will do good and say good things about his brother, your sister. It is the friends we thought we have, that mostly put a knife in our back, they are the real enemy. No one can hurt you like those who you call friends, only they can get close enough to assassinate you!

I have learned that life is simple, it is we who complicate it by our multiple business interest care and concerns. We overstretched ourselves, by planning too many things happening at the same time, too  many things going on! “too much Iron in the fire”  and if are not careful we will not just loose our business, we will loose our head. There is not enough time in the day for many, but only if you do not plan. A very useful phrase to apply in all your endeavours if from the world of business. ” If you don’t plan, you plan to fail.” Get a grip, on things, handle things well, don’t let things handle you! You must have it going on, but you must stay on top, stay in control! Or just maybe some of us needs a suitcase to travel to the other side of town? As the saying goes, “get a grip, and just may be you need a suitcase!”

That over thinking will lead to stress and sadness, positive thoughts create positive things, live in the celebration mood and positive avenue. The only time that anyone get to the point of taking their life, its in the depressed mood or state. So depression kills, but a life filled with uplifting thoughts and positivity, much laughter and happiness will drive the blues away. Keep company with people who are positive, who gives you good vibes, always cheerful or most of the time. The company you keep tells others who you are.

I have learned from the biblical message that we put God first, our neighbors are next in line. Christ sums up the Ten Commandment this way, Love God with all your heart mind, and soul, and love of Neighbour! So the greatest command is love. However, we changed that and only keep friends who are wealthy. We do not and should not value people on the basis of material wealth, if you do, it is a testimony to our spiritual bankruptcy. If we love people, it must be on the basis of their humanity, not on the size of their pocket book, their house or car, even their profession. As when we die, we cannot take wealth with us, money may preserve life here for a while, getting the best doctors, medication etc. However when death comes knocking at our doors the size of our bank account cannot turn him back, or many rich would not die. When we go, when life ends, money cannot buy it back, or only the poor would die.

I have learned that the joy that comes from money, wealth, goal or fame does not last always, when sickness and death appear they fade into insignificance. As the bible tells us, and our Christian experience reminds us only what is done for Christ will last. He is searching for you and me right now, answer him today before death comes knocking.

True happiness is knowing God, it comes from within, not from without, material things are momentary, but smiles are contagious, it comes from knowing Christ. However hate kills, Satan is the father of lies and hate.

I have learned that goes around comes around, if you sow good seed you will reap life everlasting. If you sow bad seed, you will earn eternal damnation. The Holy Scriptures says to Love, God, and love your fellow man, do good to all, for what you sow, that you will also reap. If you fail a test, or fall while running the race pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. God takes no pride in quitters, and He understand when you struggle and fail. However, He does not give up on you because you are struggling or has failed a test. You only fail if you quit the race, God is standing by to anchor you.

Get up brothers and sisters – Stand up and take your rightful place in in the race of life. “you will be twice defeated in the race of life” (Marcus Garvey). Don’t give up – Don’t give in – Don’t go under – Don’t let go!


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