Freedom in Christ

Be Free in Jesus

The Gospel of St Luke is one of the synoptic writings. It mirrors the messages of hope God found also in Matthew and Mark of the true Messiah. The message of hope in God through Jesus Christ is a reassuring to those who are lost and in a world of doubt and fear. I want to introduce you all to Him who alone have the power to heal from fear and deliver you spiritually, emotionally and physically from the ravages of our individual sin state prisons. A fitting story of deliverance can be found in chapter 13:10-17 of Luke’s gospel where we see Christ the Messiah meeting an unnamed woman in a synagogue, a place where He often teach about the goodness and mercy of God. Paul later confirmed the theme of this message in his epistles indicated that anyone who does not have the spirit of God does not belong to Him.

Like all human beings the lady had a spirit, the human spirit that keep her breathing and living as normal. However, she was possessed by another spirit, not from God, but Satan the god of this world and represented in other religions. Every person’s spirit can be categorised as either good or bad. The spirit she had was the wrong kind of spirit, the spirit that bound her and kept her imprisoned for 18 years, an entire lifetime for anyone in such state. It must have been a lifetime of torture, trials and failures. An evil spirit can cause physical as well as emotional and spiritual disability. This kind of spirit is evil and is of Satan the enemy of God and of His children. The spirit that all mankind need for spiritual and emotional, as well as physical health is the Holy Spirit of God.
Preachers and teachers everywhere, when we preach, we must see individuals as God’s creation and needing that touch of deliverance to make them whole. In this episode Jesus saw an individual who was in trouble, ravaged, controlled, one bent over in pain and misery for 18 years. Delivered the lady that day, and cured her by driving out the evil spirit that controlled and handicapped her for so long. The woman did not go to Jesus, fall on her knees, confess her faith, nor beg to be healed. Maybe she had not heard of, nor was aware of who Jesus was. Maybe His fame had not yet reached her community. He saw standing there and recognised her needs, He called her to come to him and when he put his hands on her, she was healed. Maybe she have heard many calls in her life, but this call was exceptional, she met the real deliverer of God. Here is a perfect picture of unmerited and unsolicited grace on a gigantic scale.

Later on Jesus was criticized by the Jewish establishment for healing the woman on the Sabbath. However, Jesus the great teacher and emancipater pointed out to his critics the error of their thoughts and deeds. These were church people “churchy” in today’s modern terms, they were belonging to the synagogues, yet Jesus had to remind them that on the Sabbath they untied a donkey or an ox to give it water yet they crticized Him for showing mery to a human being. In other words “where is your humanity?” Christ did no more than untied a  daughter of Abraham, a woman bound in misery for many years, and set her free from the grip of Satan’s control. The question then was and is, which is more important, an animal or a human being? His critics gave no response, they had no answer to Christ soul searching question, but slipped away ashamed of themselves.

Christ asked, Do you want to be healed? Do you want to be free? That question resounds through the annals of time and still remains relevant today as it ever was about two thousand years ago. Are you bound for a long time, many years may be uncertain who to trust or where to go for healing and deliverance? Do you know the Christ of God, who was revealed to take away the sins of the world? Well, I introduce Him to you today, the true Christ of God. There are many prophets being proclaimed today, but call of them from morning till night and they cannot deliver you. You just call His name now, wisper a prayer to Him who alone can deliver you! Some faith teaches that you have no sins, but the bible says you do, and if you deny this you are a liar. Whatever is your situation, He alone can save and deliver you from all your sins. Whatever is your problem, He can solve them, whatever is your needs He can supply, however deep is your prison, you can be made free. He can break the bars, He is the conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, He can break every chain.

You may say you are a good person, you never hurt anyone in your life. Well I have news for you, according to the bible, it’s not good people who will be saved, it’s born again people, those who accept Gods gift of salvation in Christ. Not a voyage into a cave and have a strange message revealed to you from Gabriel, that does not conform with any of biblical prophets or historical message God revealed through the Jewish people. Neither is accepting Christ as your saviour an expedition into the the south or north pole, a place on Mars or to the deepest parts of the sea. Faith in Christ is basically simple, he is standing there beside you right at this minute, wherever you are, in your bedroom, in your living room, or kitchen, or in a public open space, He is ready to receive your call and He will grant you, your deliverance.

No god of Hinduism or Buddhism, not Confucius, Nor Muhammad. The God of Muslims is the old Sumerian Moon god that has no power to save, yet many flock to him. If you reject Christ, you reject life, If you choose Mohammed and his message, it is a clear rejection of God and His Holy Son revealed in the Bible. there is a train coming, you don’t need a ticket, your faith in the blood of Christ is your passport to get on board. The only way to be saved, is believing in Christ, the Jewish Messiah, the only name given among men whereby which man can be saved. Let it be so now!


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