Life is what we Make it

Life is what we Make it

Brothers and sisters this may sound familiar but it is worth repeating, that ‘that life is what we make it.’ However, the most fun part of our life experience is having a target to aim at.  Whether we know it consciously planned it, or unconsciously drift to towards it, we all aim for something, to get married to build a house to have loads of money or just maybe to achieve something special. Therefore, we all need to aim our lives in a meaningful direction. Some of us have some more certain tangible goals, like may be drawing closer to Christ, upgrading our spiritual status, winning at least one person to Jesus Christ. Or even a course for personal development and professionally equip ourselves for better ministry performance.

Alternatively, maybe some of us have been thinking about starting a new Neighbourhood Bible study or even starting a new church. Possibly then 2016 will be the year when we begin a new career, for some retirement, some writing a book, writing or singing a new song or just living healthy. I would not put it past some of our more ambitious folks to consider, even take steps to run for public office, no objection from me. In fact the more Christians entering in public office, it the better and more emphatic our personal and response services would be. So what that everybody’s goals are different? It is healthy even a good and positive thing to have one or two gold’s. Often we see people embarked on a course of action because they want a constructive self-disciplined program to pursue.

I will repeat for emphasis, we all need something to live for, to aim at, and that will make life interesting. Having a purpose increases our zest, our enthusiasm and passion for life. We welcome the break of each day, and greet each moment with joy and anticipation. Alternatively, if we just drift, having nothing to aim at, to hope for, and to work toward leaves us a bit limp, our energy sapped and remain sometimes hopeless and depressed.

After you read this my brothers, determine what it is you want to do and go for it! Write your goal down and give it pride of place on the mantelpiece where you will see it often, or on your bedside table where you can see it before you sleep at night or as you wake up in the morning. Remember this, not everybody will see or even appreciate your goals. They will put obstacle in your way to upset you, put you off, to change your mind, tell you it is not necessary, even tell you, you can’t do it. Some days you will even get sick of seeing your goal list, especially if you have not taken a first step to achieve it. Other days you will be reminded that either you are doing great or maybe you need to pick up the pace a little.

Brothers and sisters, I hope that you make your plans to achieve your goal in 2016. Or make 2016 the year when you determine that you will start out on the road to achieve your goals. Blessings!


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