What it is to be “me”

.Sometimes as humans, we focus a lot someone else’s life

At the onset, nothing is wrong with looking flatteringly at success

Especially if our image of them, Peter/Paul fills us with awe and admiration

However, sometimes we look with destructive motives, born out of past hurt or envy.

Paul don’t fit the bill, Peter don’t tick all the boxes, they’re not my type

Worst still if negative blather about them invades our consciousness

However, there is no harm in wanting to be successful as someone,

Wishing to be in there shoes, be as successful, be admired as they are.

The dangers comes when, admiration turns to hate. It becomes no longer wanting to be like them, but replacing them. This kind leads to murder, I want what Paul has, I want to replace Peter. The world is filled with lots of admirable people, and who deserve respect. Nevertheless, we should not necessarily want to be them. We must be happy being ourselves, who we truly are; nobody knows what it is to be you.

Only when we find our true self, and being ourselves, developing our own identity, can we be happy. We do not know what it is to be Peter or Paul. Never walked in their shoes, do not know what it took them to be where they are. Never saw their struggles; their sacrifices their parents fight to put them through college. We never experience their sleepless nights, or lonely days, when they were sick, or in hospital. Wanting to be someone means understating their lives, how they got to where they are. Then ask the question, am I willing to go through that level of pain to be successful?

We want to destroy them, because we listen to Satan’s voice. Notwithstanding, I am not here trying to give an image of a fairy tale perfection, no human is. Nevertheless, as humans, we tend often to listen and act upon what Satan inspires, rather than God. We destroy each other, because of what they have or who they are. However, our brothers and sisters are not our enemies, Satan is. He caused us to fuss and fight, he caused friction in the body. We must love our brothers still, and even when we are smacked in the face, we turn the other cheek (Matt. 5: 39). Spirituality leads our acknowledgement that we are sinners saved by grace. The whole shebang, my hopes, my dreams, my aspirations, I am just being me.


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