God Wants You to be all that You can be! Cont…

It is not that always God is against us succeeding in some of our heart felt desire and goals we set. God is not so against our plans, but about us setting the right goals and about our attitude toward them. God created us to make something of ourselves, our families, our environments, our world. However whatever we do, it must be done in the set will and design of Gods purpose for us. Find our purpose for being here, and we find Gods will. God wants humanity to recognise His sovereignty in the world, and in our lives, and by that to choose the path that is right for us. His desire is that we be all that we should be, the preacher, the prophet, the poet, the king, the path he set for us. For God, it is about accomplishing our great human potential, under the guiding, and watchful eyes of God.

The Apostle Paul had a goal of destroying Christianity before it spreads further in order to preserve his Jewish heritage. God stopped him along the way, because both his goal and direction was wrong, “hard to kick against the pricks”. He was kicking against a sharp edge, the edge of Gods gospel, the “Good News” message of Jesus Christ. His saving grace offering to humanity, His redemptive blood offering to wash away the sins Satan brought. That frees us from our captive state of sinning, and be lifted into the righteousness of God. The power of love that cannot be defeated by hate; the gates of hell cannot prevail against God’s kingdom of Grace and Love through Christ. God did not dismiss Paul even though he was committing a grievous sin against the kingdom of God.

God knew what Paul needed, a change of heart, a change of plan, a new purpose and new direction, a converted soul. God recognised that Paul had the passion, the energy and skills that could be utilised, God could used him, and used him, God did. God can and will use anyone the same as Paul.  After his conversion, Paul was used like no other human being, and the world is never the same. He blazed a trail of Gospel spreading, gospel missions, preaching all over the then known world. In his many journeys to spread the gospel, he suffered like no other, including shipwrecked, rejection by his fellow Jews, beatings and flogging. He appeared before kings, Queens, councils, to witness and defend his mission in life, “called to be an apostle” of Christ.

Paul appeared before heads of state, but never lost touch with the common man, because God was directing him now. We all can be like Paul, but we must find our calling, our purpose in God’s universal plan, the grand design. It is never about what we like, or what we want, but more about what God desires for us. Then like a stroke of magic, a miracle, a still small voice speak to us, we can find ourselves somewhere, even if our direction  was wrong at the start. When we are willing to change, to make ourselves pliable in the hands of God, we will affirm it was not so tough after all, and if it were, I made it because God kept us.


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