What Power our Dreams?

Not all have the same dreams, and for most people something happened in our lives that inspire our dreams. Maybe a team player in the premier league, what he did with the ball impresses us, we say. I can do that”. Or a family member that went to university, and he gave you the inspiration to follow in his footsteps. Maybe you were inspired by Dr Martin Luther Kings, “ I have a dream” speech, that makes you want to dream and be successful too. Walt Disney, creator of the greatest entertainment network, which includes team parks and animation feature movies, one said, “if you can dream it, you can do it”. I don’t know of many who would want to argue with this. His productions are his credentials and open to scrutiny, he had dreams and he fulfilled those dreams.

However many dreams remains unfilled, dead in the water, never got off the ground, remains just that – dreams. However it could be any of a number of reasons why we never accomplish our dreams either because of lack of resourcefulness, lack of funds or lack of opportunities to make it happen, when we asked we were not given the stage on which to shine. Your heroes could be your parents, a much-admired schoolteacher, sports or film star or someone in politics or other public figures. You view them as successful role models and you want to be as successful as they are. Whoever or whatever it is that inspires you, who made it happen, Walt Disney says you can, so dream big.


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