People are afraid of change, you come with an idea and it does not rest well, because it signals change. Change if a challenge, even a threat to many. We get so fixed in out ways, the way we have always done it, any move to the right or left encounter stern opposition even violent resistance.  Change can and will take place if it is done with tact and sensibility. People may not ask the question openly, but at the back of their minds, they are asking, “what’s in it for me”? However, they need to know that without change there is no opportunity for innovation to flourish, for creativity to materialise, and little incentive for improvement on what is.

The status quo is the comfort zone for a small minority, to who the vision of change is frightening. True innovators know the way to bring people around to their way of thinking. It is about letting people know they are a part of the process, they will not be denied or left behind. It must be sold to them, and they must buy into the project, it must be seen as coming from them, not forced upon them. So that those who wish to initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.  When it is effectively marketed, when people see it as improving their lot, the season arrives for our innovative reality.


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