Real confidence is built on vulnerability, when we feel exposed to the elements, to hurt and pain. When we are not taken advantage of, in our fragility and susceptibility. Then someone appears and something happens that adds meaning to our lives, and gives us hope of a better more prosperous future. Christ arose! Once trust is established, we can look for and find the champion hidden inside our inner being. It is then that we in turn must resolve to be tender and kind with the vulnerable that we will inevitably meet. Christ blood and its redemptive effect make a difference! Being gentle, loving and affectionate with those who happen on our path and who appear upon our journey through lives uncertainties and treacherous road. The word of Christ eased troubled hearts and minds.

Make today the conscious determined decision to reach out to the young, because the future is theirs to grapple with. The impending, the imminent, the up and coming belongs to the youth of today, not to us, as life goes forward not backward. The new born is a signal of the continuity of the human race, of life beckoning and longing for itself.  Though we must be tolerant and compassionate with the aged, because they have seen it, lived it, experienced it, until they impart the baton to the hopefuls. Should we not be sympathetic with the struggling, the tolerant and the weak and to those who are ignored and wronged by society? Like the Jewish aristocracy and elite we pass the poor on the opposite side of the road, yet we are pious, who often boast about the love we have for God, forgetting how much we fail him daily. Rather our pride should be in the love God has for us, because he never fails. Our joy should not be in what we get out of life, but in what we give, especially to those in need. In Christ, we can be heroes!


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