We are Warriors!

We are Christian Warriors

The gospel message calls willing hearts to be warriors for Christ

These warriors are not made through hate and cynicism

They are not made with the rhetoric of negativity and division

They have within them, a deep heartfelt desire, and a dream to be counted!

They crave the opportunity to develop and display their skills as humans.


I declare I am a Christian but I am a staunch fighter too,

Like Christ my leader, I am in battle daily against powerful forces.

I am fighting for the poor and against poverty in our world,

Christ fought to give hope to the hopeless, and freedom for those in captivity

My leader fought and died so that many may live free, no longer bound by the chains of inequality, and fears. He asked all, whosoever will, me to take up his cross and follow him. I follow him with hope and much aspirations and for His cause, I die daily.

It is through Christ that all the families of the earth, Abraham seed are blessed.

We must fight for the honour, hope and prosperity of our families, as he did.

My leader loves peace, preached peace, fought for peace, but is a fierce enemy.

Our enemies should be on alert, they should be aware; we will not back down, nor be intimidated by hate preachers! In Christ, we are bold and brave fighter followers, and are fierce defenders of peace, and we will fight for what we believe to be right in love. Nevertheless, do not be mistaken, our weapons of war are not carnal, but spiritual! Yet our brothers and sisters who turn against us are not our true enemies. We cannot hate them, or we lose the plot! If we hate our brothers, Satan wins, that is what he always wanted! Satan divides and separate in order to conquer, because when divided we are weakest, united we are strong we must unite and stand up against him. Keep the eyes, open, be on the alert against hate and stand up in love.

We must use our powerful spiritual weapons, of love, truth, justice and peace. We will live and act according to Christ special code; it is love for our enemies, and a hand of friendship to our neighbours. Because the enemy, who fight against us, daily persecute us, and say all manner of things against us represented in human form, is an experience-fighting foe.

However, our leader Christ is vastly more experience, he never lost a battle! The code we live by is in a word, it is call love, we love our enemies not just our friends! Love is our weapon of war, our spiritual weapon to fight. We must be prepared to do all things through Christ, anything for the beauty and power of love. We will love them, hug them, and even kiss them for the sake of Christ in love. One of us will put hundreds of haters to flight, we are more than conquerors, yes it is love that defeats our enemies.



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