We are the Lord’s and He is…ours?

Many people in this Brexit climate forget that we are the Lord’s is ours!

Many people of so-called “foreign origin” are reporting experiences of insult, of hate crimes, xenophobia since the referendum and Brexit won. However, I put it to you brothers and sisters that this is not because of Brexit. Closet racists were there all along, but could not openly practice racism because of fear.  What Brexit does is empowered them, giving them the courage and the platform to crawl out of the woodwork. They felt embolden to speak because mistakenly they believe the referendum was about booting out foreigners or immigrants. If they follow the campaign of Nigel Farage they could easily come to that conclusion and did. However, for a long while sections of the Conservative party believe, that the EU have too much power over the British parliament. Advocating the British parliament, elected by the people of Britain, should be in charge of the country’s affairs, and not bureaucrats in Brussels that are answerable to no one.

Two things however, firstly there is not one nation of the world that has not been immigrants at one point or another in their history. Secondly, when they say go home ask them where to? Ask where they are from, where they originate, how they got here, or exist before they settled here? If the argument ensued like the one that took place on the tram in Manchester, we saw on the news last evening, three men telling another to go back to Africa. Just remind them that Britain invaded and placed the Union Jack on every continent of the world. They invaded many countries, pillaged and steal their wealth, many of the jewels now on display in the tower of London were stolen. The biggest of the Crown Jewels were taken from India. They took many people into slavery. Tell them Britain was built off the blood sweat and tears of foreigners they put into slavery, our ancestors laboured in chains, many of our ancestors, mothers and sisters were raped, producing mix-ethnicity children.

However, your best bet is to walk away from trouble. Fair is in the air, but for the people of God, We may be swimming against the tide, strong currents swaying us to and fro, many may be against us. The Israelite spies report that the Canaanites they spotted are of such enormous size that “we seemed like grasshoppers.” But were they not placing too much emphasis on physical size of the people? Was the Philistines not placing too much confidence in the physical strength and size of Goliath? Yet small, youth full David and a stone curt him down to size. When the people of Israel quake and fear at Goliath size, he is too big, he is a giant, no man can stand up to him. David thought, let me at him, he is so big I CAN’T MISS HIM! Saints we are the Lord’s and He is ours! Now we belong to Jesus, and Jesus belongs to us. We are safe whatever may betide us – safe in the Hollow of God’s hands. Brexit should hold no fear for us, not even XENOPHOBIA.


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