Discover Your Creative Self

I like to agree with friends that reminds me that I am an inspirational preacher, yet one who believe that we expect too much of teachers. That we all have embraced different concepts, mostly wrong ones of what higher education institutions are designed for. In fact, I will go one-step further to advocate that the word “teacher” is a greatly exaggerated and misapplied word. Most educators will tell you they do not teach you, they facilitate the discovery of your inner self, your own inner ability and help you develop who you truly are. You, all of you, all of humanity are created in his image,  God made you who and what  you are today, he made you highly favored, you are blessed.

Therefore, the term institutions of learning is a better rendition of those institutions, because what they do is help you develop what you already have deep inside. What you were created with, that reserve of hidden potential, talents that lay hidden, that lies dormant from your birth, is just waiting to be revealed and release to an unsuspecting world. That reservoir of capabilities God created in you, waiting to be tapped into, to face and survive in a challenging atmosphere. Humanity was/is created with a vigorous body, an efficient coordinated mechanism that is capable of adjusting given time, to any situation and to any environment. Make haste to recognize that we are much more than skin and bones, much more than a body of flesh, much more than the elements that comprise us, more than the sum total of our being, we are more valuable than gold, we are made in the image of God. Start now, open your eyes to your reality, discover your creative power, you are God made.

The inner you, the hidden us, should and must be trained to take care of the complex world in which we all live and we must be observant to the constant changes taking place around us. So today friends, start affirming and send a message from the inner creative self to the conscious outer you for a speedy adjustment to a changing environment. Make it a daily prayer, to impel the inner creative, gifted and skilled person that you are to make a conscious decision and send the best message to the outer you. You must make use of every opportunity and strive for the best outcome in this life, so that you may fulfill the will of the Most High God, your creator, and make it in the life to come. If we find a difficult path, if Satan hinders us, block our path with a heavy stone, and we find a valley in our way, doubts and fears multiplied, remember God move mountains. Not by might, not by power, but by his spirit, we will overcome. Earth has not problem, that heaven cannot solve, the best is yet to come. Always remember that we are designed for a purpose,  created in his image with the capability to create as God create. We were given that creative ability to recreate ourselves and that each of us should daily chart out a path that brings us closer to our creator, and the vision of whom He wishes us to become, whom we really are, children of the creator of the universe. You need to take note  that you the person God created has a special ability or quality  to create and therefore God wants you to discover you are creative beings, and can become successful beings. Discover your creative ability, identify the real you, your creative self.


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