How Good are we at Gossiping?

We often read and quote, “Judge not lest ye be not judged,” but few of us realize that it is not a phrase that means we don’t make decisions about our lives, who we welcome into  our sphere of influence or whom we would want to be our government officials with the skills to give us a good deal in Europe after Brexit, the power to tax us, send us to war, and make a plethora of other decisions which affect us and the world we live in.

I believe most governments enter office with a plan to improve the lives of its citizens,and to change the world and make it better for all.  I am of the firm belief in God, the spiritual side of life, and that there is a Divine Plan for our world that most governments missed.  We humans beings have no idea “no man knows the minute or the hour” when the world utopia will be ushered in, and when effective balance will be restored to our world, but I do believe it will happen.  Are the events we are experiencing good, bad, or maybe neither?  Does it bother you that we have so many people who don’t seem the least bothered by gossipping, speaking untruthfully about our neighbors, living in a code of ethics whereby they cannot be trusted, their word is not their bond?  It bothers me, but I come from a background where to my parents lying is one of the worst things we could do and that ultimately would mean lying to ourselves.  A slanderer, who in fact is lying tears down the foundation of relationships, “gossip separates friends” for ultimately what are we if we lose connection to one another based on what someone has told?  Then, is it ever ok to gossip or lie? I mean brothers and sisters, let’s get real here, Satan is the father of lie.  If I don’t have to wear a certain three-piece suit, for the ladies a certain “red or black” number and our friends thinks it is the most beautiful thing they ever saw and pull out every stop to lay out £10,000.00 to buy it which to s/he is a fortune and they rushes in and puts it on for us to see and ask, “What do you think? Do I look good in this?”  If we really think s/he looks terrible in it, it’s completely wrong for them, should we give our honest opinions or should we lie saying, “Yeah, it’s just right for you, you look great”. Should we speak the truth at all times, or gossip and lie that cause hurt and pain to gain favor?

The question is, do we then call up our friends to critize the wrong choice our friends make?  The more crucial point is do we then create a chain reaction, spreading negativity even without finding out the facts? Its call gossiping and the bible id dead set against it, because it generates hurt feelings. I am aware that I may be stretching the point a bit, but to gossip or slander, anyone spreading unkind even a lie about them is no laughing matter.

The Greek word “diabolos” meaning slanderous, slanderer, the Devil, translated in English as “gossip”. Its an adjective but often is used as a noun, “slanderous” or the slanderer, the Devil (Etnglish Dictionary). The Strongs concordance renders it, “to slander, accuse, defame”) – properly, a slanderer; a false accuser; unjustly criticizing to hurt(malign) and condemn to sever a relationship. Ofcourse gossip is common among among men but once becometh saints it should not be a regualr feature in our circlkes. Yet many of us in church have been at the biter end of some viscious roumour and hurtful stories that flyes on wings. And take on a life of their own. You dont know where they came from or how they got started, but they appears truer than the fiction that they really are. Many are born of hate, others grew out of our inabilkity to control the little member, our tongue which casue so much pain and suffering. James warns about the power of the tongue, how unruly and dangerous it can be unless we put it under control. “ but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison” (James 3: 8). A small rudder control a big ship in the ocea, a small bridle control a powerful hoirse, but the small tongue we cannot control. We do well if we are asble to control the tongue describe as the most unruly of the body members.

Which is the greatest sin?

This point brings me nicely to the point, the grading of sins and we are all guilty of this. A little gossip hurts nobody, or just a little white lie, we get over it. A boy and a girl becomes pregnant and we through the book at them. The commit the ultimate sins,.Followed by Sabbath breaking, actually we don’t know this. They stayed home one Sabbath and we assume they break the Sabbath because they should be in church yet we don’t know the full story why they were away. My brothers and sisters let us make a conscious effort this week to think twice before we pass judgement on another. Where God and the law is concern no sin is greater than the next, they all are transgression of the universal law and they all spell sins. We will condemn a brother and sister for a sin yet some of the greatest lies comes from those who occupy the pulpit every Sabbath. So some sins seems higher and more potent to others only because they are more visible. We pass judgments on them, open our mouth with haste, but when it is our turn, when we are caught in the act we expected to be treated differently.

While we should all avoid sinning, we are all humans and subject to failures, Peter said, “Little children sin not, but if we sin, we have and advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous”. Be careful not to gossip, be careful not to pass judgement, we don’t know the whole story, find out the facts, and empathize. There is an acceptable realism behind the frequent quote, “every person has got a story behind them”. It goes without saying that there is a personal story that is at the heart of every person action.We should all understand there is a reason whether good or bad that makes us who we are and act the way we do. This level of understanding should help us to be making concerted efforts in knowing the facts about people, where they have been, before we make assumptions or pass judgement on them. Experience another feelings and empathize before we speak lie, gossip and cause pain.


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