Be a Change Agent – Give Love!

Friends, occasionally in life, the most difficult things to change, are the things that need change the most. Like stain in a white shirt/dress it is visible, but hard to remove, it can be ruin, unless you get a good stain remover. You should believe this! In fact, those who have experience behind them will confirm that change do not come easily. Change agents are targets, buffeted, blamed for the upheavals their attempts can caused. You are the troublemaker; things were fine before you come along. Stick with the status quo, if it hurt nobody don’t attempt to fix it. This is more like staying in their comfort zones, unwilling to try new things. Very different mentality from if it is not broke do not attempt to fix it. For this means, something is working, but even so, there are times when change is necessary.

Therefore, be certain you understand this, today will never come again, so make it special, a time to remember, an era of change. Make this the day, the time the moment that inspires your dreams.

God is the true love giver through Christ, so give someone courage, give them freedom, and give them faith. Give them hope, for these are uniquely accomplished by your gift of love. Each time that you do, you give them God!

Remember our common humanity mean we join hands in the struggle of life, but do not despair, as one without hope. For without the struggle, failure and pain, we cannot make meaningful progress. Without the fight, blood sweat and tears we cannot fully appreciate the joy of victory. Without disappointment and setbacks, we cannot fully enjoy eating the fruit of success.


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