Inherent danger in being a Christian

That there is an innate threat to life and safety of being a Christian in western societies is historically true, but in modern times is born out of multiculturalism, humanism, paganism and secularism. This is not new, as Christ and His apostles were brutally murdered, and many early Christians, (Hebrews 11) suffered and died for their faith. Their blood sacrifice paved the way for us in the twenty first century to have the faith we hold dear, and that was once delivered to the early saints. While this menace continued on all fronts, extremists with their Satanic inspired, disturbed, false and blinded by hate Islamic ideologies pose the most serious threat to Christians everywhere in modern times. Even a priest in a western democracy, in what was considered a peaceful place, going about his daily business and normally safe, was assassinated by these terrorists. This is now not an issue that is unique nor confined to Islamic countries, the west, Europe and the world better wake up to this threat.

On one hand, Islamic countries are free to spread their ideologies in the west, on the other Christian voices are silence, by threats, intimation and assassination in those countries. Saudi Arabia accepts no form of Christianity, allows no Christian sympathisers, or voices and no churches can be built in that kingdom. Yet the west allows Saudi Arabian money to buy niche properties and established colleges, schools and centres unabated. A recent defector to Christianity from Islam state the Saudi Arabian money is pouring in the west, including trained Islam agents; he was one, posted in governments, public authorities, universities, colleges, to promote their brand of Islam. It caused an uproar in America a couple of years ago when Muslim clerics bought a property with the intention of building a Mosque near the former site of the twin towers, now called ground zero. The place Bin Laden and his Islamist fundamentalist killed over three thousand people when they crashed planes in the towers, bringing it down.

However, Western Europe is the main target and appears condemned to a permanent state of siege, France, Germany and Belgium targeted recently. However, what if sometime in the near future, after more bloodshed and attacks on continental Europe, European government’s starts to negotiate, with the typical Islamic organizations, the terms of surrendering of centuries of hard fought and won democracies to sharia law? We have seen increasing influence of this law in loans agreements and some family law being implemented in Britain, the UK is not safe. Cartoons viewed as harmless fun in the west cannot be about the Islamic prophet or it encouraged assassination such as the ten journalist and two police officers at Charlie Hebdo magazine in France. The fear of assassinations has already seen such cartoons vanished from the European media. After the killing of the priest at his church, the French media banned the publishing of photos of terrorists, mainly because broadcasting it will encourage others from copying and commit even more serious atrocities. Whether this is the brave or cowardly response to jihad violence by our mainstream media, the jury is out.

Turkey however, is one Islamic country that must be watched keenly as they make increasing efforts to join the EU. The countless agreements with Western organizations do not seem to have reduced the hatred for Christians in Turkey and must be a cause for concerns. President Erdogan survived an assignation and an attempted coup, because he is making concerted efforts to Turn Turkey into an Islamic state. He ignored the repeated caution from Western governments, and to seal his position as a strong dictator, and unchallenged, is crushing any who disagree with his policies, spreading his net far and wide, he is targeting people even in America he blamed for conspiracy against him. However, in Turkey, it is the ordinary people that attacks, intimidate and murder Christians, and then the judiciary and political system who found loopholes in Turkish law allow criminals to walk away Scot-free from the offences committed. Because many offences are outside the remit of international news media guilty Turkish citizens and its governments systems are never held responsible.

Meanwhile Muslims are pretty much free to practice their religion and express their views on other religions anywhere in the world, and even more so in Western democracies. While Christians and other non-Muslims are easily and without compromise killed in Turkey and other Muslim-majority countries just for attempting peacefully to practice their faith or openly express their opinions. Former Prime minister Tony Blair and successive governments endorsed even promoted Multiculturalism, which is passionately defended by many liberals in the West, and could have worked wonders in multi-ethnic and multi-religious places such as Asia Minor. However, unfortunately, Islamic ideology allows only one culture, one religion, and one way of thinking, under their rule, only Islam is tolerated. Poignantly, this is the central fact Western liberals do not want to see.

Western liberals will never accept that they help to create radical Islam. Many sociologist and historical commentators agree the west since the period of the 1800’s as being revolutionised culturally, freedom of expressions, allowing permissiveness and licentiousness. On the other hand Islam was returning to the stricter lifestyle, stricter code of dress and cultural practices of the 7th century. The clash with western cultures then was an inevitable result, and is now at the heart of radical Islam. Christianity viewed as their main enemy and a western construction, is their main target. Christians everywhere are in danger then for holding up the banner of Christ. Satan from beginning has always aimed to killed Christ and anyone who calls upon His name is a target for Satan and his host of cutthroat killers represented by Islamist extremism. As only the message of Christ will reveal Satan for who he truly is, and that puts us Christians in arms way! The question then is where do we go from here?


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