Fly on Wings of Dream

When we imagined change, we vow at the New Year, for a new chapter, yet by the middle of the year, we find we are playing the same old tune, singing the same old song. We cannot envision change by doing the same old things, same failed people, same failed system; we will get the same results! Nevertheless, we can choose the right people, but with the wrong motives. Equally, the wrong motives used in choosing, though the people are right. The right and proper mix is having right motives with the right people, otherwise there is compromise in the system.

One cannot plan for change by using the same old leaky bucket. Then we complain about existing and unseen circumstances that constantly crops up and we are without a clue in the heavens how to solve them. We hide behind someone else, we point fingers and we blame someone else. Never did in the chronicles of history revealed, a king made by dwelling on his circumstances, hiding in his bedchamber. Staying in his closet, the crown be his may never be. Choices to be made, we all faced daily with dread, determines the future.

There is a crossroad before all, differing directions paved with danger, they points to uncertain destination. Nevertheless, a path we must take, only but one choice we can make though uncertain the result. So be sure of the choice, be lifted by your prayers, fly on the wings of your dream, rely on the strength and the depth of your faith, where the solitude of your soul take rest, in the Christ of peace.


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