Killed any Giants Lately?

Giants, they are many but they must fall, they must die! We all see and experience life giants, faced them, struggle with them, fight with them daily, but too many of us cave in to them, they slay us instead. We lie wounded on the field of battle, because we give up the fight, and lose the battle before we even began. Don’t ever give up the struggle, fight for what you believe, for who and what you want to be in life. Of a surety when we give up, and stop believing, we stop fighting, then we will unashamedly be defeated in the race for life treasures. No matter how many times your hopes are dashed, your dreams blocked or shattered, your goals shaded, and you are knocked about, tossed around, listless, open your eyes, keep them open, stand firm and fight the enemy, even if you are punched drunk, fight. Role with the punches, knocked down many times yes. But the greatest of fighters never stay down, no matter the size of the opposition, they never fear and they don’t quit. They became great because they have someone in their corners, they mend the cuts, soothe the swelling and bruises, they tell them bob and weave, your winning. Though sometimes they know its time to throw in the towel, they allowed them to continue, sometimes unashamedly foolish. But they believe and encourage and soon, sometimes a lucky punch, they turn the fight around.

Giants issue intimidating threats, but never fear, never stay down, fight. If you messed up, pick yourself up, wash up, brush up, and start over again! Opportunities denied, fight. Plans shaded, your ethnicity, your skin,your age, becomes a problem. When they refuse you, scorn you, turn their backs on you, that should give you more gusto to fight, tell them you will do it anyway, fight. The price for the race of life never goes to the quitters, but to those who continue through the struggle to the bitter end. They persevere and win over seemingly insurmountable odds. Know and believe this my friends, you are a winner from your starting point – in the womb. The sperm that got to the egg that created you had to run a marathon, through hostile territories, and struggle through strong defences.

That person is you! Satan wants you to believe you are a looser, but God say you are a winner from the start. You are because He is! Slay those giants of fear, and fight for your life and the battle you must win. The greater the fight you face in life, the greater your victory, and the sweeter the price you will win! Learn a lesson from King David. “And David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with spear and javelin, and I come to you with the Name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel which you have taunted”. (I Sam. 17:45). You must fight but not the kind of fight Satan wants. Satan wants you to get physical, and hate your brother. But your brother/sister are not the problem, Stan is. He is the father of lies and unaware Christians, those who let down their defences, whose shield have been compromised are his weapons of war. He will use us if we let him, to become torn in our brothers side, a pain in the neck of the saints of God, he wants us disjointed and disunited. But we must be smart, develop a well devised battle plan, seasoned with peace. Don’t give him an inch or he will take a yard, fight against him, slay him with the giant weapon of Love.

Giant taunters are in the ranks of God’s army, enemies are in the Christian camp, they presume to be for the Lord’s, but they are not. They Satan’s hoards, fight against seasoned, battle hardened soldiers of God. Instead of joining forces and fight against Satan, the real enemy of God, we allow him to turn us against each other. Satan and his battalion present themselves as angels of light, but they are impostors, they represents Satan’s kingdom, not God’s. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against rulers of darkness, spiritual powers, giants in high places. If they who fight against you God’s elect, were God’s people, they would build you up, but because they are enemies of Christ they fight you. Yet my friends, if you hate them, fight with them, you are just like them, so kill these giants of hate with love. They who resist us, reject us, deny us, block us must be shown love in the morning, and in the evening too, we forgive them seventy times seven. The sure way of defeating, slaying satanic giants is by our gestures of love and peace. You must be different from them, you represent the kingdom of peace and love, where no Satanic giant can win or concur. The battle against Satanic forces, the giants of this world is not ours it is the Lord, stand back and watch the salvation of the Lord.


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