Love & Accept your Unique and Individual self

Every person was placed on earth for a purpose and that means we merits being with someone who make us happy. However happiness is not an entitlement, it is a gift of who we are as an individual in the sight of God. Though our uniqueness does not merits  or guarantee success, that is something we work for, but our individuality threatens some, they want to make you, force you to be like them. Uniqueness and individuality in the presence of fools creates tensions and uncertainty, they cannot deal with you because you resides on another level, a power level they cannot understand. However in the presence of greatness, these differences are game changers, they look on the status quo and are not happy until something gives. They understand that they are place within their context as change agents, to make a difference for the better, not worse. They bring another element of inspiration, another level of possibilities, which the blind mind and heart cannot understand and cope with. They become defensive and intolerant to you, they label you impossible, and you are a threat. In the secular environment this is shameful, a tragedy even, but in the body of Christ, this is pitiful. But why is this so blatant in churches where leaders, are meant to be inspiration to others and not oppressors?

When God wants change agents, people who will not be afraid to tackle and sort difficult situations. People who will grab others by the scruff of the neck and pull them forward drag them into the twenty first century, while chiding them for hanging onto the nineteenth century for so long. The church was not born in the nineteenth century but in first century A.D! God broth people into the church and gifted them to serve in the office He alone chose, the church then should be engaged to find these people, train and give them their marching orders. They should not create offices, and put in the wrong roles, this is about saying to God, I hear what you say, but I will do it my way. Uniqueness and individuality should not be a threat to anyone who knows and walk with God. Their spiritual eyes should guide them to see, that the gifted among them are unique and add value to the offices God chose for them. They add value to Churches, to families and friends, to communities and our world.

It is not wrong for us to want someone in our circles who will not complicate life, someone who understands our values, who will not cause us pain or grief. This is everyone’s desire; however, life is not so narrow, we do not always get the people around that are free from pain or from inflicting pain. We live in a world made up of all sorts, but it is only our friends who can hurt us. I do not accept the phrase that “sometimes, the first step to forgiveness, is the understanding the other person is an idiot”! If anyone accepts this notion that would have only extended our own misunderstanding of an individual and the situation he is in. We are not just undermining his individuality, his personality, we are disrespecting his humanity.

One, who is created in the image of God, should be appreciated and respected. One’s mental state should not be a matter for criticism and put-downs. Luke remind us of Christ advised ” Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ Jesus never looked down on others; never undermine their mental state or ability. If they reject you, they reject God, because you are a child of God with uniqueness skills and abilities. Forgive, walk away, but never stop loving them in the same vain that you are loved, and forgiven by God.


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