Oppressed for too Long, what next?

The Right to Fight Back?

Police killings of African -Americans in America sparks widespread demonstrations and riots. On the one side many so-called white folks put it down to a number of things, poverty, the Democrats who gave them handouts, and not allowing them to work for a living. They claim it has nothing to do with racism, being disenfranchised, refused jobs, and targeted by the police. They point black on black violence that in Chicago alone that killed 2,500 people. They do not see it has anything to do with white oppressing blacks. Some even claimed there was no slavery and black people are just lazy and not wanting to work. In effect whatever happens to African Americans, they have themselves to blame. In effect they are creating the greatest rape of historical fact and these is on the edge of insanity and lunacy. White folks (so-called will never accept the greatest crime of the history of the human second only to the atrocities committed against the Israelite nation.

Many who have never lived with the life of the oppressed, the life of the disenfranchise, in the environment of the poor and those unfairly targeted will often look for an easy answer when they respond or lashed out. A child crying for help will have parent dunning to the sound of wailing. When that cry is heard in society very few run to assist, because the world is shaped to satisfy the rich and privileged. To answer why people riot they look for easy solution that only cover the wounds. They will point fingers at poverty and violence and ignore the very obvious race, and poverty issues and the combination of other social deprivation issues at play in the inner cities. Do people have the right or should they be given the right to fight back?

We cannot and must not advocate violence, fighting fire with fire. We advocate fighting back through peaceful means but people must have the right to fight back. The justice system must be overhauled so justice is not only be done but must be seen to be done. Fight through the courts, fight through the education system, fight through the enterprise environments, cease the opportunity not to fall or fail because they say you will. Fight back with love, and though peaceful means, through education and knowledge, empower your personal self, as many great leaders advised, follow Dr Martin Luther King an advocate of peace but who was brutally murdered.

People who are generally happy and content with their personal lives and opportunities afforded them usually have very little or nothing to be discounted about. However financial and economic oppression, being dispossession and with little hope of breaking free of poverty, is a recipe for disaster, civil unrest and this breeds crime. One ethnic group being regularly and unfairly targeted by law enforcement, being only a fraction of the population yet more are in prison than any other ethnicity, this is a problem that needs solving.

When a citizen from an ethnic group are gunned down and killed so easily, sometimes only for breaking a traffic light sign. Something is wrong with the system, when someone is running away from police yet he is shot and killed! When a young man is wrestled to the ground and shot by the police, or a young boy shot by a security guard, and the justice system failed to punish him something is deeply and gravely wrong. When the time comes when black lives, matter equally as any other ethnic groups things will turn around and we have less riots.

Very importantly, a group existing under constant scrutiny disproportionately more than any other, and with a justice systems that holds no officer to account something is deeply wrong! This bears signs of the Klan days when African Americans men were lynched by white mobs, and both police and judges were involved. There is a combinations of many different dynamics at play here and which must be addressed speedily for their to be any sign of justice. I do not think we can trivialise it by saying it is only one thing or the other that provoke riots. If all the social, economic problems are addressed then there will be a civil society, packed with peace, contentment and respect for all. Treat all people with respect and as equal under the law, solve the socio-economic problems of the inner cities, give people a reason for living, give them hope for the future and people have less reasons to demonstrate against police brutality or riot.

While in Britain, the actions of police officers against Africans, are no way perfect, stop and search a bother, a few have been killed, so we cannot be complacent. Deaths after police contacts is no way near those in north America. However, we must fight all unfair target of a particular ethnic group with the peaceable fruit of righteousness, the way Christ fight yet never return fire with fire. We must walk and act with and in righteousness, but it must be married to justice. Kill our enemies,the world of unfairness with peace, they cant take it when you return peace in return to acts of bigotry and pettiness. Just go out of the way to be nice, empower yourself with knowledge, use your wisdom and fight for understanding, but fight. See and know that they would have you fight, then they will have reason to say I told you so, then they would have reason to shoot and kill you. Just never harbour hate in your heart, return with love for your enemy and they who will despite-fully use and kill you! Africans in the ghettos of America, and every where rise up, stand your ground, learn the lessons of life well. Pushed too far, targeted and oppressed, the easiest quickest human response is to fight fire with fire, but love heals all wounds. Fight with the love of God, and love for mankind.


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