Sound the Alarm in Europe!

The Islamization of Europe has been gathering pace. I have been trying to open people’s eyes to this creeping menace on European soil for many years now and very few people are taking notice. Europeans, especially Christians need to take note, because if this ever happens fully, it will be an end of Christianity and Christian society, as we know it. Recently Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the main Islamic movement in France, explained how Muslims living in the West have to proceed: they may use terror, they may use seduction, exploit Westerners’ sense of guilt, grab public spaces, change laws, and create their own society inside Western societies until they become Muslim societies. Sharia law is now a fully functioning entity in Britain.

Visibly only to some spiritually conscious and alerted open minded people only if you apply for a loan in London, you are offered sharia law terms equally with British law terms. Do I have a right to worry? The following are collections of key quotes from the late Libyan leader, Muammar Gadhafi. However, other leaders across the Middle East, Africa and Europe have made similar quotes before and since.

“We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades”.

“That’s another 50 million Muslims. There will be 100 million Muslims in Europe. Albania, which is a Muslim country, has already entered the EU.

“Allah mobilizes the Muslim nation of Turkey, and adds it to the European Union”.

“Bosnia, which is a Muslim country, has already entered the EU; Fifty per cent of its citizens are Muslims”.

Author Bat’Ye’or in her critically acclaimed work: Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis wrote:

“The ideology, strategy, and tactics of Jihad have constituted throughout history a fundamental part of Islamic Jurisprudence and literature, since it is through jihad that the Islamic community developed and expanded”.

She highlights a three point historical blueprint that for centuries is use to secure the fall and Islamization of earlier Christian societies throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, and how these constituents eventually subdued the majority host populations:

  1. As a result of “wars, conquests, temporary peace treaties, terror like practices and alliances” There was a “gradual erosion of resistance within societies targeted but not yet conquered by jihad.”
  2. “Insecurity caused by the constant mass immigration of foreign populations and the subsequent process of alteration and substitution of one civilisation by another, hostile to the indigenous inhabitants.”
  3. “The emergence of powerful collaborationist parties economically and politically linked with Muslim Rulers”.

Friends, do not be deceived, Islam has long viewed the American continent as its main detractors of global Islam, and she is seen as the great Stan that is resisting Islam. However to get at America the continent of Europe, especially western Europe has long been the main target to achieve that goal of western Islamic conquest. One Mullah declared, “Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims”. If Europe falls under Islamic control, it will not be long before America buckles, is the prevailing view. The war in Syria and the subsequent march to Europe fits well with the Islamic plan. As they view Germany as the strong man of Europe, flooding Germany and spreading the message is key. Immigrants are welcomed in most countries, and should be cared for whether international human rights law legalise and permits it or not, it is a human thing. All humans are brothers and we have to care for those in need. However, Chancellor Angela Merkel played right into their hands by telling all the immigrants to come, welcoming fire into the buxom of Europe. According to an article in the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council:  “Germany’s Muslim Demographic Revolution”,

“There are 20 million refugees waiting at the doorstep of Europe”,

  • Mosque attendance in Germany has doubled.
  • Muslim men “routinely take advantage of the social welfare system by bringing two, three or four women from across the Muslim world to Germany and are married by an Imam”
  • In accordance with Muslim doctrine, the wealth of a country is degraded and usurped as; the married women demand social welfare benefits, including the cost of a separate home for themselves and for their children, on the claim of being a “single parent with children.

The President of Hungary Victor Orban declares:

“For us today, what is at stake is Europe, the lifestyle of European citizens, European values, the survival or disappearance of European nations, and more precisely formulated, their transformation beyond recognition. Today, the question is not merely in what kind of a Europe we would like to live, but whether everything we understand as Europe will exist at all”.

Yes, many European leaders recognise the danger, and every Christian and every well-meaning and conscious men and women, Christian or not should be aware of this fast moving danger. If you believe in the Christ of God as the true Messiah, you should be worried and have reasonable cause for concern. On the other hand, biblical students should not see this as a cause for worry but be alert and aware, an awakening calls to all. It is time for us to remove the eye-salve and be bolder in proclaiming the true gospel. Christ is the only name given among men and under heaven, whereby which humanity can be saved from the wrath to come. Any other route or supposedly alternative way to God is false. If you do, you reject Christ, and you reject God and life, and by so doing you accept a false premise, accept Satan in your buxom and chose death.


Parochial ‘Egotistical’ ‘Xenophobic’

Have you ever being unfairly labelled with any of the above while evangelising? For many Christians the fear of being labelled or described with these terms is a barrier to us sharing the Gospel. Perhaps, it even stops us completely from sharing our faith.

If we are scared about evangelism, sharing the gospel, our faith or our hope in Jesus Christ, it is because we are conscious that what we have to share is likely to upset someone or invade his or her space, or labelled. The obstacle of the cross is unpleasant to those who are perishing, but light to those who are being saved. Respective governments drive to promote political correctness terrifies many for fear of negative labelling, so evangelism remains in its box. However, we dare not eliminate cultural obstacles or the offence that is inherent in the Gospel. Christians should not make the cross more offensive than it is, but we should not try to abolish the offence. The offence is part of the nature of the Gospel of Christ. Nevertheless, how do we overcome our fear of sharing our faith?

In the 10 weeks course I ran recently with the saints in Wembley, I explained that the more often we communicate and act confidently, is the more our courage will grow. Communication skills may not be the territory of the average member, but sure should be for the leaders. Yet confidence comes, to a greater degree, from training in understanding how to do personal, friendship and relational evangelism. Preparation increases everyone confidence, and self-assurance increases our bravery, the opposite of fear. These in turn permit us to be more effective when you go out and engage with people about the Gospel of Christ. As Christians, we must resolve that we are going to stand diplomatically as Christ disciples and convincingly evangelise, share the gospel of Christ, God’s Word, Emmanuel, even in the face of political correctness and vile resistance.

As we take our stand in the world as soldiers in the army of God, adopt the posture with confidence; know that God through the power of His Holy Spirit is standing with us, and we are not alone. The battle is not ours, it is the Lords, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Eph. 6: 12). We need to know our enemy, and know the terrain of battle; it is not physical, but spiritual.

We must be encouraged that many followers of Christ and other Christian Ambassadors are active in the fight too. It is why we exist as Christians. Leaders trained in the principles and practices of evangelism should in turn provide training to his congregation using all the modern methods and resources possible. We cannot do it, if we were not trained in it. We do not pick up teachers off the streets to train our children, how then we tolerate this in the churches of Christ? A person who rejects this training of leaders will one day realise, they are the enemies of the state, the spiritual kingdom of God and doing a disservice to themselves and others, thereby blocking progress. No wonder a recent survey of international church leaders finds that only 2% of church leaders are in the right role, which means the church is operating at 10% of its capabilities. Can you imagined if all leaders where trained, and all placed in the right role the spirit gifted them? Can anyone imagine the powerhouse the church would be if Satan has not affected it so, taken a seat in it? By placing men as leaders who are egotistically driven, more concerned about personal image, the church is limping along. The ‘look at me’, look where I am’ mentality over and above representing God’s image is the order of the modern church leaders.

If industry leaders were not trained, their companies would go bust, so boards looked for men with skills and capabilities to run their companies. Likewise, if church leaders are not gifted and trained the church cannot establish its presence in the community effectively as Christ intended. How do we think the Holy Spirit will bring things back to memory if it was not there in the first place through education and training? Of course, the Holy Spirit reveals new things when He chooses, but we must understand what the Scriptures are teaching. Christ called many, but ended up training 12 who were invested with the task of spreading the gospel. The Holy Spirit came after the 12 were trained and Christ departed from them, then they received power to go and courage to witness, to go and tell it. We can encourage from the pulpit, even reinforce the message through preaching, but to equip with the skills to do it, we ourselves must be trained in the art of delivery. We must know how to instruct others in one to one, group sessions or in personal demonstration, in our communities, when we visit or do house to house. We as leaders are here to equip the members for every challenge to the faith we have in Christ. How do we react when labelled or described with the above terms? Today, take a stand, to move with confidence, act with courage to speak without fear and share the gospel.

What if we truly love each other?

What would happen if we wake up in a world where people truly love each other?

Love is of God, and if we hate each other, we deny the purpose of God

What a wonderful world it could be if we truly, start to love each other?

Though, we will portray peace and claim to love, all around us it is a time of war.

We greet each other with a kisses and hugs but are laden with prejudice and guilt.

Love goes up and outward, and it is kind and forgiving, it does not pre-judge,

By our activities we do not truly love and we do not allow ourselves to be loved

People who truly love are loved in return by people who truly understand love

Nevertheless, we supposedly love offend us, does love sit comfortable on our laps?

If we are hated by others, do not worry, because hating you means they hate God first.

Though we claim to be God’s elect, we do not know God, we betray our faith by our utilities. It is by our fruit that we are known and not so much, what we portray and claim to be. The people who truly love really matter in God’s economy, they will not disappear.

Too often in life, we are blinded by our own quests of other people to love us,

We waste countless hours desiring everyone to love us, when we should express love.

It is all right, it is a human tendency to want others to love us, even if they do not.

Importantly though, every human being matters in spite of what we may think of them.

Some may think that we do not matter, because we do not play their tune, sing their song.

We are wasting all this time on people who turn their backs on us, showing they hate us!

When there are people who truly do love us who have to stand by and watch us in pain.

It is like begging in the streets, seeking attention, wanting those who desire our destruction. It is time we put an end to this madness, and be at peace with ourselves. It is time for us to love our brother/sister as God loves us. “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” (Prov. 18: 24). What a wonderful world it would be, if we show love? Because by doing so, we are allowing ourselves to be loved.

Find Healing Through Your Struggle

No greater the experience of man than the power of love

Speak quietly first to yourself and enforce your soul

Speak gently to yourself and provide reassurance to others

Despair will disappear, better days are ahead, the future will be cheerful,

Your human spirit will promise and enforce the belief in others that they can make it, if they really are extending their best effort.

Comfort your hurting soul by loving; heal your bruised and tender spirit, by hoping

Always be reminded that many others have succeeded, though they suffer loss.

Your successes can be a beacon of hope and offer comfort to the down trodden.

Hebrews 11 highlights heroes and heroine of faith, should be a constant reminder.

They experience tumults and pains like we can never imagined, yet they are winners

If someone is sinking offer them help in practical and tangible ways, not criticism

Lend them a helping hand as if you were lifting, encouraging your dearest friend

You are not a slave to the conventions of this world, release and let your soul fly

You are a free spirit, a king in the eyes of your creator, go forward and take your crown.

If you dream something, release your spirit; open the window of your soul

Let you hopes and dream fly into the tomorrow, the future of Gods reality,

The light of His love will magnify the heart’s desire, and set us completely free of the human prison.

Remember this always, all human lives has a meaning and a purpose

All stories are important; tell your story, not his-story.

All dreams count, possess your dream, live your dream

All voices matter, speak your concerns, let your voices be heard

All lives matters, whatever your ethnicity, your lives have equal value

There is but one humanity, one human race, no white or black race

All lives were created; we were born to make an impact in the world.

The reason we fail to realise, this is they separate us into colour groups which only serves to divide us. All of us can take a stand today and say enough is enough; I will not hate my brother any longer. You have potential that goes beyond this world. I hope that humanity will realise their potential, the hopes and dreams God gave him. For some it may be and wealth and fame, for others just a lowly place serving others in the community. Whatever our lot in life serve well serve passionately, serve God. So that others will see that, it is in serving others where we will find our sense of community and realise completion. The effect we have on others is the most valuable gift there is. Everything we gain in life will rot and fall apart, “‘Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal” (Matt 6: 19). So all that will be left of us is what is stored in our hearts.

We are not the images that we create of ourselves, but the reality God wants us to be. We are not the cartoons that bend and are crushed but soon rise up again. We are human beings, created in the image of God, through whom the light of Gods righteousness shines in the darkened corridors of this world.

Syrian, Political Uncertainty?

The Syrian people faced a political uncertainty at home, and a refugee crisis that has become the problem of the West. Syria’s checkered past, linked with and supporters of extremist groups that threatened the existence of the state of Israel. An uncertain future, because no one knows if the present Assad government will re-established itself as sole ruler. At which point the people dread prevailing tyranny, and possibly Russian influence in the country. Or whether the country will split down fighting factional, sectorial, or even more religious or ethnic lines. There is also a more worrying prospect, that called itself IS, which to many observers are the most threatening!

Because almost every religious and/or ethnic community in Syria is divided, some siding with Assad and others fighting against him, it is difficult to establish clear sectarian demarcation lines. Syria today is a patchwork of emirates.

The Islamic Republic of Iran needed Syria to complete the “Shiite Crescent” which it saw as its glacis and point of access to the Mediterranean. Iran is estimated to have spent something like $12 billion on its Syrian venture. By the time of this writing, Iran had also lost 143 ranking officers, captain and above, in combat in Syrian battlefields.

Turkey’s “soft” Islamic leadership, the main source of support for anti-Assad forces, has always had ties to the global movement of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is likely that Turkey’s leaders see the Syrian imbroglio as an opportunity for them to “solve” the problem of Kurdish-Turkish secessionists based in Syrian territory since the 1980s.
Turkey has become host to more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees, posing a long-term humanitarian and security challenge. Ankara’s decision to goad large numbers of refugees into the European Union was an attempt at forcing the richer nations of the continent to share some of Turkey’s burden.

The country most dramatically, and perhaps permanently, affected by the Syrian conflict is Lebanon. More than 1.8 million Syrian refugees have arrived, altering the country’s delicate demographic balance. If the new arrivals stay permanently, Lebanon would become another Arab Sunni.

Daniels Prophesy – European Army

The EU has long harboured desires for a super state. The desire for and now the creation of the economic and now monetary union. In recent times, the discussion has gathered pace for a European Army. Those of us who believed this conglomeration of European nations, united economically, monetary and military is the final part of the puzzle of Daniels Image prophesy is being fulfilled.  Many in government for a long time have been issuing warnings that the leaders of Europe have wider interest, but were scorned at, even labelled dramatists. However, the statement of Soeren Kern, a leading European official, is quoted as advocating just that policy. On September 14, 2016 he said, “We are going to move towards an EU army much faster than people believe”. Therefore, while the policy was focused on economics in the past the underlying desire for an army has always been there, fighting to be unleashed to an unsuspecting populace.

Opponents of such a move has always voiced concerns of this creeping danger, not just the fact it would replace NATO, but that this super state would yield unequal, unstoppable powers the world has never seen. Some say that the creation of a European army, a long-held goal of European federalists, would entail an unprecedented transfer of sovereignty from European nation states to un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels, the de facto capital of the European Union. The fight and Brexit from the union seem to have paved the way for increased efforts to form such a body. Nations states, powers have slowly whittled away, and once such powers are concentrated solely in Brussels. No one can stop them.

Others voiced concerns that efforts to move forward on the European defence integration initiative revealed that European strategists have learned little lesson from what the referendum in Britain, and the Brexit delivered. They determined and focused on their long held plans to continue to build a European super state regardless of opposition from large sectors of the European public. Dr Liam Fox, Brexit minister in Theresa May government, in his former role as British defence secretary in the Cameron Government remarked, “Those of us who have always warned about Europe’s defence ambitions have always been told not to worry… We are always told not to worry about the next integration and then it happens. We’ve been too often conned before and we must not be conned again”. While these warnings were being aired, many were ridiculing them as fantasists and anti-Europeans. However, though their voices were being hushed and silenced, the EU leaders were advancing their game changer moves. The recent announcements took many by surprise, but for others, it is more like, “I told you so”.

Daniels prophesies signalled conglomeration of nations, not just a desire, but also an actual attempt, “Iron & clay”, strong and weaker nations coming together but not united for long because the two elements just do not mixed well. The unity will create much trouble for their neighbours and will cause heaven to intervene, because of the trouble they will cause. According to Geoffrey Van Orden, UK Conservative Party defence spokesman the, “Formation of EU defence structures, separate from NATO, will only lead to division between transatlantic partners at a time when solidarity is needed in the face of many difficult and dangerous threats to the democracies”. Can and will the world open its eyes to this potentially dangerous move and take steps to stop them? Alternatively, is it inevitable that such an organisation will come into existence to threaten the world? Those of us bible watchers and students of prophesy will recognise man’s inability to form lasting unions and associations, if it goes against the plan of God. We may wish so an association is stopped in its tracks, but whether we like it or not, and whether or not we see the dangers that lurks beneath, there are just some things in life that man cannot change. Whatever must be, will be, for God meant it so. So stand back and watch the salvation of the Lord.