Find Healing Through Your Struggle

No greater the experience of man than the power of love

Speak quietly first to yourself and enforce your soul

Speak gently to yourself and provide reassurance to others

Despair will disappear, better days are ahead, the future will be cheerful,

Your human spirit will promise and enforce the belief in others that they can make it, if they really are extending their best effort.

Comfort your hurting soul by loving; heal your bruised and tender spirit, by hoping

Always be reminded that many others have succeeded, though they suffer loss.

Your successes can be a beacon of hope and offer comfort to the down trodden.

Hebrews 11 highlights heroes and heroine of faith, should be a constant reminder.

They experience tumults and pains like we can never imagined, yet they are winners

If someone is sinking offer them help in practical and tangible ways, not criticism

Lend them a helping hand as if you were lifting, encouraging your dearest friend

You are not a slave to the conventions of this world, release and let your soul fly

You are a free spirit, a king in the eyes of your creator, go forward and take your crown.

If you dream something, release your spirit; open the window of your soul

Let you hopes and dream fly into the tomorrow, the future of Gods reality,

The light of His love will magnify the heart’s desire, and set us completely free of the human prison.

Remember this always, all human lives has a meaning and a purpose

All stories are important; tell your story, not his-story.

All dreams count, possess your dream, live your dream

All voices matter, speak your concerns, let your voices be heard

All lives matters, whatever your ethnicity, your lives have equal value

There is but one humanity, one human race, no white or black race

All lives were created; we were born to make an impact in the world.

The reason we fail to realise, this is they separate us into colour groups which only serves to divide us. All of us can take a stand today and say enough is enough; I will not hate my brother any longer. You have potential that goes beyond this world. I hope that humanity will realise their potential, the hopes and dreams God gave him. For some it may be and wealth and fame, for others just a lowly place serving others in the community. Whatever our lot in life serve well serve passionately, serve God. So that others will see that, it is in serving others where we will find our sense of community and realise completion. The effect we have on others is the most valuable gift there is. Everything we gain in life will rot and fall apart, “‘Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal” (Matt 6: 19). So all that will be left of us is what is stored in our hearts.

We are not the images that we create of ourselves, but the reality God wants us to be. We are not the cartoons that bend and are crushed but soon rise up again. We are human beings, created in the image of God, through whom the light of Gods righteousness shines in the darkened corridors of this world.


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