God: I Got This, I Got Your Back!

I felt compelled to revisit this message in light of the demonstrations across American cities. In most western countries, we have democratic institutions and systems where people have the opportunities to express their opinions freely and vote for the candidate of their choice, who they wanted to lead them. Unfortunately, in many countries of the world people die for such privileges, dictators, politically unfit and misfits grab and exercise enormous power through force and intimidation. Millions of people today do not have a voice, they cannot vote for their leaders, and if they raise a voice of dissent, they are intimidated, lock up in prison, or silenced forever. Let us stand up for the democratic system where we are at least we know we are free to express opinion, and vote for who we desire. It does not means we always get what we want, but at least we have that choice!

The packages that arrive at our address today, the uncertainties life brings may not be the ones we planned, work, bought, dream or prayed for. However, it is the ones that lands at our doorsteps, it becomes the one we are stuck with. There comes a time in life when we experience defeat, even disaster, but we must admit defeat, lick our wounds and start again. Some punches are hard to accept, but accept them we must, so acknowledge them, and move on, life goes not backward but forward.

The election is history; no one can go back there and change it, no one can change the hands of time! However, we are here now, we have today, it is ours to win or lose, so grab it and run, just move with it. The best planning and preparation we can make for tomorrow is taking control of the opportunities now. We worry because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, the future terrifies the best of us. When humanity begin to realise that nothing in life is guaranteed, only then we will be more confident about today, and end our lives much stronger than when we first began! Only the future is ours to take and that only is secure with God. We must learn from our experiences, even the bad and sad ones, lessons therein are designed to correct errors, to have a better ending.

Each morning when we open our eyes, whether we live in western democracies or under a dictatorship we are blessed. “As long as there is life there is hope.” Each moment that we are awake, we have life, which means we are blessed! We need no election results, no motivational speaker, bible bashing, jacket tale flashing, feet stamping, and not loud shouting preacher to tell us we are! We are blessed in the city, we are blessed in the field, we are blessed in our homes, and we are blessed when we travel. We are blessed because we have life, but we can have it more abundantly when we understand and accept that Jesus is Lord of our lives. The election result brought worries and pain for many in America, even the world, but let go of your worries and let God take control of today and tomorrow. We should spend more time praying for people everywhere, mostly for those in war torn areas, famine ravaged, destitute and hungry people who have no hope. Their situations, their dire circumstances dictate their desires, their hopes their dreams of a better future.

Christians have a better grasp of the future, because Christ is our Lord and He knows better than us what tomorrow holds, we should depend on Him. If the future were here it would not be the future, it would be today, we are stuck with the present, so live it! We must make the best of what we have, in the here and now, live for today, and while living with the difficulties, pray for a better tomorrow. If we live well, work with what life dished out to us, and make the best of what we call today, the future is and will be bright. Gods word reassures, relax, I got your back!

So fear not for the cloudy skies that hangs low above us, nor the gathering storm that approaches from a distance. They can harm our bodies, but never kill our spirits. They cannot come near or harm us, and should not worry us if we rely on the word of Him whose promises are sure, and who we rely on. We depend on Him for our daily sustenance, why not relax and allow Him to take control? We don’t know about tomorrow or know about what the future holds, but God is faithful to His children, our destiny is secure. Many troubling, fearful things about tomorrow, we label the future we do not understand, because we cannot see beyond today. However, God promise to stand by us, in the storm, in the battles, in the midnight hours. We know who, God holds tomorrow, and we know who, God hold our hands, He, Christ stands by me/us!


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