Your Friends, the real Enemies?

Have you ever wondered why people you love, and who formerly expressed love and friendship towards you, end up hating you without a cause? Do you think this is a modern phenomenon? If you turn the pages of history, it would alarm you to know it is not a new thing. Listen to King David query of God: ‘Many have become my enemies without cause; those who hate me without reason are numerous. Those who repay my good with evil lodge accusations against me, though I seek only to do what is good’ (Psa. 38: 19-20). Did you get that? Wow, those who experience your good deed, the ones you know and believe was your friends, are the ones who repay kindness with evil. Read again the part that states, they ‘lodge accusation against me, (David). Those who seek to harm Davids were not his enemies, but those who experience his goodness, his friends. His close confidant, the real enemies? So should you not keep your enemies at bay, or should you keep them closer?

Did you know that up to 90% of people who are murdered, it happened at the hands of someone close to them, someone who profess love or that they considered friend? Why is this? People have to know you, to want to kill you, it rarely ever happened at the hands of a stranger! Therefore, the old and over used cliché, ‘there’s a thin line between love and hate’ is actually true. That is the problem with overused cliché they are often true indeed.

What happened between the statement or claim, ‘I love you’, and the point at which they want to do you hurt? David’s youthful vigour has waned; he was now an old man. He reached a point of his life when he needs love and support from those he love, his relatives, and his own people. The people of Israel knew his history, his self-sacrifice, his personal contribution to making Israel a great nation. However, so do many of his friends, close neighbours though he waged war against, the nation’s enemies and protected them, now hate and cast accusations against him. Ones true friends would never raise an accusations against you. If they were real friends, they would speak to you in confidence about any issue that may be damaging to your name and image. Your friends watch your back, and would want to healp clean up yout image not damage it.

David felt let down, as we all would be, he made an appeal to God, about those he loved, those who return for his goodness for them actions that revealed hate. If you have not yet seen what David experienced, you have not yet lived. I guarantee you that the ones who hurt you the most are the ones who are supposedly close to you. The stranger will never know your innermost thoughts, your personal life stories, but your friends do. They know it because you confide in them, expecting help, prayer and steps to solve your problems. However, it is because there is no God in them, no holiness, and Jesus blood has not applied to their gossiping lips; that they become treacherous by their actions. They never tell you anything, their secret life remain secret, but you never see it. You trust them so much, you are anxious to tell what going on in your life. They know what to tell you, just enough, but not too much that they can be accused. So they are in prime position to betray your trust.

Plainly they are those kind of people who only draw close, the ‘wolves in sheep clothing’, ‘the foxes that chew at the tender vines’, they seek only to do you hurt. Yet where is the cause? Why do they hurt you? Why do they betray your trust? They profess everlasting love and friendship was fiend! They hurt you because there was no light in them from the beginning. They are the dangerous ones, they are the so-called friends, the ones who dig to get into your life, with a show of friendship, show that they care, and hurt you without a cause. They are the sons/daughters of the evil one.

You must never be afraid of them, yet you must never return hate for hate or you will end up like them on the wrong site of truth. They have their place in the judgement of condemnation. Separate from them, be not partakers in their evil schemes! Remove yourselves from their attempt of encouragement, for their counsel is evil. Nevertheless, never stop praying for them, never stop loving them, never stop showing that you are different. That you are God’s elect, bought with a price, the precious blood of Jesus. You will never return evil for the evil they do to you. Inspire of the evil they do to you, you must do good anyway.


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