Death of Christians in the Middle East

Christians in the Middle East

Christians in the Middle East and the state of Israel are similarly under attack, recently from the ‘Caliphate’ and from western governments and organisations. While Hamas, the terrorist organisation that joined with Iran and vowed the total annihilation of Israel launch another violent protest against the Jewish state. Interestingly western governments, the United Nations, Europe, and Britain being among the most vocal in condemning Israel for Palestinian death. The tragedy is even starker as Christians living in lands formerly under the control of the ‘Caliphate’ have been betrayed by many in these same Western government and international organisations. It’s a fact that governments pay lip service or ignored the tragic fate of Christians in Middle Eastern states.

Another unconcealed heartbreak, is the so-called churches in the west, Bishops of international renown who were often too indifferent to condemn the persecution of Christians in Iraq, Syria and part of Turkey. Complicit likewise is the western media that acted as if they considered these Christians to be agents of expansionism who deserved to be purged from the Middle East. These media houses and correspondents have always reported from the Palestinian side of the dispute and vocally condemned Israel for the violence, while giving Hamas the freedom to attack a state that historically was banished and for many centuries kept from their lands by Arabic expansionism, Islam under Saladin and the Ottoman (Turks) Empire.

The nation of Israel have to be fighting for daily survival and regular protection of itself against terrorist organisations and western governments that always lay blame at their feet. Complicit likewise is the so-called ‘human rights’ organizations abandoned Israel and Christians but, focuses on Palestinians death. Western capitals were not willing to give sanctuary to Jews even when Hitler was murdering millions in gas chambers. The same way these western governments was not willing to give sanctuary to Christians when ISIS murdered approximately 1,131 of them and destroyed or damaged 125 of their churches. The west is under indictment for the crimes of neglect against Jews and Christians. Western governments must now and with speed launch a rescue ship and set aside adequate funds to help Christians rebuild their lives in the lands where their people were martyred by Islamic fundamentalists. A similar cry must go out for western states and organisations to stop the flagrant unabated prejudice against the state of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.


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